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#114 - Christmas card featuring a cat and a 95% copper Lincoln penny, minted between 1909-1981! Includes envelope for mailing and descriptive postcard.

$ 3.95
This fun, business-card sized Christmas card features a fuzzy cat on the outside, along with a 95% copper U.S. penny minted between 1909 and 1981! The coin features the likeness of Abraham Lincoln on one side, and bearing two wheatheads or the Lincoln Memorial on the opposite, depending upon the date of minting.

The card will arrive inside of a small envelope, attached to a colorful postcard which details the history and metal content of the coin. An envelope for mailing is also included with your purchase. The coin itself is attached to the card with a removable adhesive.

The coins featured on these cards are true pieces of history and are in average circulated to very nice condition. It is fascinating to imagine who might have held these coins, and what they might have been used to purchase. When you purchase a mass-produced, paper-only greeting, the only history involved is its ride in the truck to the store, or perhaps the slow boat ride from an overseas print shop. Think about that for a while.

Outside - "My beard keeps me warm!"
                "My fur keeps me warm!"

Inside - "Warm thoughts from our family to yours! Happy Holidays!"

Every purchase of these patented coin greetings help to support an American family. Thank you very much for your consideration of our greeting card!

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