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My Meadow

#111 - 1/10 oz. Silver Buffalo / Native American Coin Christmas Card. Includes envelope for mailing and descriptive postcard.

$ 8.95
This stunning, business card sized greeting card features a 1/10 oz. silver coin, modeled after and similar to the U.S. Mint buffalo nickel coin, minted from 1913 to 1938. Imagine how great it would be to receive a card with real silver! This card comes complete with two envelopes. The smaller envelope is attached to a postcard which describes the history of the coin. The larger envelope is for mailing. 

Delivery only $0.49 to all U.S. Postal first-class destinations. Worldwide delivery only $2.00 US!

Outside: "I've got your back."

Inside: "I've got your gift, too, so no worries! Happy Holidays!"

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